Usagi ga Kowai

Other name:U-SA-GUI,Usagui,Thinking And Drawing: Nihon No Shinseiki Art Animation,Thinking And Drawing: Japanese Art Animation Of The New Millennium,兎ガ怕イ

Tetsuji Kurashige’s nightmarish U-SA-GUI (2002) begins by citing a section from Brillat-Savarin’s 1825 treatise, The Physiology of Taste, in which the renowned French epicure suggests that stimulating foods, meats in particular, can have an influence on one’s dreams. The film depicts a macabre game played by two rabbits and a blindfolded woman. The rabbits face each other over an old-fashioned illustrated board game. When they land on a square, the woman must eat the food indicated in the illustration. If she has chosen correctly, a die pops out of her mouth and lands on the floor giving the rabbits their next move.

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