Yami wo Mitsumeru Hane

Other name:A Feather Stare At The Dark,Feathers Gazing Into The Darkness,Feathers Staring Into The Darkness,Thinking And Drawing: Nihon No Shinseiki Art Animation,Thinking And Drawing: Japanese Art Animation Of The New Millennium,闇を見つめる羽根

A story set in a world before ours. A world in chaos where forces of good and evil fight and mingle. By doing so, it creates the chance to give birth to the new world.

A couple of winged beings make love and fly away. They bear a child in an egg, and when the child opens its eyes they are immediately destroyed, one consumed by fire and the other by water.

Mythical, elemental and mysterious, the world created by Tsuji is dangerous, menacing and suffuse with signs of apocalypse, but somehow simultaneously tender and compassionate. A Feather Stare at the Dark captures simple gestures and primal feelings and amplifies them, realising the non-verbal and non-literal with remarkable grace.

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